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My name is Jose Docampo, and I am a Spanish translator, interpreter, proofreader and languages teacher now based in Lisbon.

I am attaching my CV to this email in the hope that you will consider my profile for the position of Spanish teacher or any other position or any assignment that I can carry out as a freelancer.

I started working as a private instructor in 2011, at the same time as I began my university studies. My experience covers private tuition to students of all ages, both in English and French as foreign languages and Spanish and Galician as school subjects.

I have been a student of foreign languages myself since I was a child. I believe that my education, which includes different subjects related to languages and linguistics, as well as my interests and experience provide me not only with a systematic and professional knowledge of Spanish (and other different languages), but also with an empathetic and versatile approach that allow me to understand and adapt to the student’s learning needs.

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